The aim of this deliverable is to presents the dissemination, communication, and networking overview report for M30 as part of the WP4 task. This document shows how the CANDELA project implemented the initial and updated dissemination and communication plans.

In general terms, this document reports, on one hand, the D&C activities carried out during the last 12 months, and on another hand provide analysis of the full project lifetime results. During the reporting period, all CANDELA partners have actively participated in the D&C process through different modes and means.

Our consortium team participated in the production of different materials such as a brochure, newsletters, press releases, scientific publications, or video tutorials which explain the project offering in a more visual and not so technical way for all types of users. This document provides detailed information in terms of numbers, analytics reports for the project website, and social media networks. Also provides the list of events, conferences, workshops, and webinars where CANDELA was presented to numerous audiences from different countries.

Finally, in order to measure all Dissemination and Communication activity's impact, this report presents a review of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) what were the main assessment to monitor our work.

Due Date: 
30 months
Saturday, October 31, 2020