The main objective of the dissemination and communication plan is to provide the comprehensive strategy to facilitate the dissemination and communication activities aiming to raise awareness about CANDELA towards target groups.
The plan has been defined taking into account the partners’ strategy and the identification of target groups of audience. Procedures have also been established to facilitate the dissemination of the project following the EC rule. In addition, the document also describes how public deliverables will be make available in the project website to disseminate project results.
The initial set of dissemination and communication tools are detailed in this plan. The document also includes the reviewed plan of events and conferences that have been identified as relevant for CANDELA by project partners.
All planned activities are gathered in the time schedule and the expected value for each activity has been established to measure the success of these activities during the project life.
The first version of this deliverable has been produced at month 4 of the project, providing the dissemination and communication plan and strategy from the beginning until the end of the project. However, this document will be updated in October 2019 (M18) considering the evaluation of communication activities carried out during the first half of the project.

Due Date: 
4 months
Friday, August 31, 2018