This deliverable is the first version of the project Data Management Plan (DMP) and includes the initial information about the data that will be used by CANDELA project.
The first DMP version follows the guidelines of the template provided by the European Commission (Template Horizon 2020 Data Management Plan. The Data Management task (T5.3) is included within the Project Management and Coordination work package (WP5).
Following the aforementioned template, the document provided the initial rules to achieve the FAIR principle for the project datasets.
This document includes dataset information for the project subcases (see deliverables and Urbanization, Vineyard, Forest Disaster and Forest Health). The information for each project dataset has been provided with the same structure:

  • Dataset reference
  • Dataset Description
  • Standards and metadata
  • Data Sharing
  • Archiving and preservation

The document also provides information about Additional Datasets that will be used in the project, although detailed information will be provided at due time in the DWH project documents.

Due Date: 
6 months
Wednesday, October 31, 2018