System Integration and Validation Test Plan V1


The objective of this system integration and validation test plan is to describe the system components and interactions, the integration strategy, the associated testing environments and the integration tests.

This document has been updated tacking into account the requirements from the first project review meeting (first release of D3.5 took place in November 2018). Overall, the document keeps the same structure including the following sections:

CANDELA Platform v1


This report is an accompanying document to the CANDELA platform with the objective to list the content of the first version of the platform and to provide a user guide describing how to use all the features provided by the platform.

The current version of the document (the first release took place in December 2018) has been updated following the requirements from the first project review meeting. The main evolution in the second version of D3.3 is the addition of section 2. After the previous version of the platform, several tools have been integrated.

System architecture design and Operational scenarios document v2


This deliverable describes the design of the second version of CANDELA Platform. It is a second version of D3.1 System architecture and operational scenarios [15], which presented the architecture of the first version of the platform. This deliverable corresponds to the results of the current implementation, as well as the design of the upcoming tasks.