TerraNIS SAS is a small company, created in March 2014 and located near Toulouse – France. TerraNIS designs and delivers geoinformation services, based on Earth Observation, to local and regional customers, specifically in the field of agriculture and environment.

TerraNIS operates and sells worldwide the Pixagri and OEnoview services, respectively dedicated to precision farming and precision viticulture. TerraNIS is also operating the TerraMAP service in the land management domain, which is dedicated to local authorities in order to support them for setup and the monitoring of urban planning policies.

Last but not least, TerraNIS is the founder and the operator of EUGENIUSTM. The EUGENIUSTM initiative (which stands for European Group of Enterprises for a Network of Information using Space) aims at creating a network of SMEs distributed across the different European regions in order to deliver geo-information services in the regions where they are located. To do so, these partners are using the same technical platform which is put at their disposal by TerraNIS under a specific licensing agreement.

Key personnel

David Hello has spent around 23 years in the aerospace industry. He started his career at Matra Systèmes & Information in 1994 where he occupied several positions as Project Manager in the field of Earth Observation activities. Then he joined Airbus in 2001 where he also occupied several positions, mainly dealing with information services activities. He came back to the space industry sector in 2007 when he joined Infoterra / Astrium GEO Information Services. During 6 years as head of department, he managed large European programs funded by the European Commission in the field of EO-based services. He has left Astrium at the end of February 2014 to create TerraNIS with Marc Tondriaux (former Senior Vice President Business Development and former director of the EO observation business unit at Astrium). David is now the CEO of the company.

Prof. Sylvie Duthoit holds a PhD in Remote sensing and Radiative Transfer and a Master research in Ecology, Speciality in Terrestrial ecosystems. After a thesis, she worked as post-doctoral researcher in South Africa where she studied the sampling strategy of the flora using GIS. She then worked three year at Airbus Defense & Space where she was involved in GMES/Copernicus co-founded projects and crop monitoring activities. She then joined Purpan engineering school as Teacher-researcher in Remote sensing and GIS (Department of Social Sciences, Environment and Biodiversity). Since 2016, Sylvie is heading the Research and Development activities at TerraNIS.

Mohanad Albughdadi received the bachelor degree in computer engineering from IUG, Gaza, Palestine in 2010, the master degree in electronic systems design engineering from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2011 and the Ph.D. degree from the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, France in 2016. During his research tenure, he worked as a PostDoc researcher at the Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research (IRIT) in the framework of SparkinData project, where he was responsible for developing image processing and machine learning algorithms. He currently works  as an expert engineer in signal and image processing at TerraNIS, where he is in charge of developing machine learning techniques for image and data analysis.


CANDELA team is a well-balanced consortium, consisting of seven partners from five European countries, and with strong participation from the industry as encouraged by the Call, being half of the partners well positioned SME’s.