The objective of this system integration and validation test plan is to describe the system components and interactions, the integration strategy, the associated testing environments and the integration tests.

This document has been updated tacking into account the requirements from the first project review meeting (first release of D3.5 took place in November 2018). Overall, the document keeps the same structure including the following sections:

  • The system is described in section 1, with a description of the component structure and interactions between the different components.
  • The integration strategy is presented in section 2, with the description of the integration process in section 2.1 with the roles and responsibilities, the integration and validation workflow. The steps of the integration procedure are described in section 2.2 and a description of integration, validation and production environments is provided in section 2.3.
  • The integration tests are detailed in section 3 of the document.
  • The data analytics algorithms deployed in the platform are described in the section 4.
  • An example describing the algorithm integration steps from an executable to a WPS processing service is provided as Annex at the end of the deliverable.
Due Date: 
23 months
Monday, November 30, 2020