This is an updated version of the D3.2 that describes the design of the second version of CANDELA Platform. It is a second version of D3.1 System architecture and operational scenarios, which presented the architecture of the first version of the platform. This deliverable corresponds to the results of the current implementation, as well as the design of the upcoming tasks. The architecture is much more complete than in D3.1: the functional requirements of the platform are clearly identified, the components constituting the platform are already integrated and a set of scenarios are already implemented and integrated into the platform. This document presents first the operational context of the CANDELA platform, in terms of external interfaces, user profiles, use cases and external stakeholders, before presenting again the functional view of the system added in D3.3. The logical view of the system organized in layers is then described, with their interfaces, before showing the allocation of the functions and use cases to the components and detailing the physical view of the platform. Finally, the sequence of actions is detailed for the different operational scenarios.

Due Date: 
20 months
Thursday, July 30, 2020