This deliverable describes the first version of the CANDELA platform. It presents all the foreseen components and their interactions. It is the result of the first development phase iteration.
At this step of the overall project, and according to the planned development process, inputs from other work packages (mainly WP2) are minimal as functional requirements are still being elaborated. Thus, the architecture presented here is a basis, with high level features that are required whatever the functional choices that will be taken (PaaS setup, user management) or specific features that are strongly foreseen to be required (processing pipeline).
The document presents an overview of the platform architecture. The main concepts of Platform as a Service, resources management and application integration on a cloud environment are exposed.
It then provides a comprehensive list of the components deployed on the platform. These components fall into the COTS (reused components) or custom (component involving specific development) categories.
Finally, a description of the first operational scenario is described, based on the image processing chain provided by TAS-FR. A functional view is presented followed by the description of the technical work required to integrate this chain to the CANDELA platform.

Due Date: 
6 months
Wednesday, October 31, 2018