SmallGIS Ltd. belongs to SME sector. The Company specializes in developing of GIS software, mostly in ESRI environment and OGC standards, Remote Sensing and GIS add-value services. The team consists of well-educated and high-qualified specialists in geoinformatics, programmers, GIS experts, Remote Sensing specialists and projects managers. In 2016 the number of employees reach the level of 50 persons.
The company has 10t years of experience in desktop as well as server and mobile platforms developing in variety scales from one position to full enterprises systems. All GIS mapping applications and products ensure high-efficiency managing of huge collection of geodatabase as well as satellite images. All our software belongs to the family of SprintMap™ with all IPR to the company (picture below).
The company also concentrates on researches and development tasks inside the R&D department and collaboration with R&D universities & institutions. By this activities developing unique and innovative add value services for polish users.
SmallGIS has a strong position in Forestry and administrative sector in Poland. This is done because of providing a good services and strategically software dedicated for his users.

Key personnel 

Bartosz Kulawik (male) is the International Project Coordinator at SmallGIS company. He holds a degree of geography and spatial planning from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Currently, he is conducting his PhD thesis at this same faculty. Since 2010, Mr. Kulawik has been the Market Development Director at SmallGIS, focused mainly on developing the Remote Sensing satellite methods for a variety of Polish and EU users. He was a project coordinator for the UrbanSAT which was conducted in a previously PECS call. At this time he was employed at the Space Research Center as a project coordinator. The project was finished to very good success, with its perspective implementation for other beneficiaries in Poland. In 2012, he finished his postgraduate studies in regards to the management of research projects and the commercialization of research results at the Economic University in Cracow.


CANDELA team is a well-balanced consortium, consisting of seven partners from five European countries, and with strong participation from the industry as encouraged by the Call, being half of the partners well positioned SME’s.