Work Package: 

This deliverable describes the CANDELA change detection building blocks.

As already mentioned in the deliverable D2.3, two change detection building blocks are designed to work respectively on Sentinel-2 and on Sentinel-1 data. The two tools are really different and developed by different teams, which is why they will be described in two different sections.

In this third version released at the end of April 2020, Thales France has optimized its own processing workflow in terms of computing capacities and has implemented its training module on CANDELA platform, while Thales Italy has developed a second pipeline based on classic machine learning method less sensitive to changes due to the difference of sensor imaging geometry. 

This deliverable was produced at month 24 of the project and it is the last release as it describes the final version of Thales tools.

Due Date: 
18 months
Thursday, April 30, 2020