This document is the continuation of the deliverable D1.9 which was a first version of Datacube integration report. In D1.10, we answer to the comments and questions raised by the previous version of this work and present the result of our research on data cube technologies. This deliverable starts by presenting the concept of data cubes as one solution for accessing earth observation data. In a second part, CANDELA partners from WP1 and WP2 express their needs and expectation in term of data access. We dissociate two types of needs in this chapter, first the WP2 members define what type of data their algorithms work with and define the constraints on the input for their tools. The second point of view is the one of the users of the platform represented by our partners from WP1. They define the geographical and temporal extent needed for their use cases. In the next part we review and present different data cube solutions. These solutions can be separated in two major classes, the data cube software that could be deployed on a platform like CANDELA, and the emerging services providing access to the data through a data cube or a in a similar way. Finally, a conclusion is presented on the use of the data cube solutions presented regarding both their status, functionalities and integration constraints, and CANDELA specific needs.

Due Date: 
18 months
Wednesday, November 27, 2019