The main objective of the datacube integration report is to provide insight on the specific domain of earth observation datacubes to wisely choose the path to follow on the CANDELA platform regarding this matter.
This document presents a comprehensive explanation of the concept of earth observation datacube, starting with the rationale behind its utilisation, following with the capabilities offered to interact with it and in the end listing the ways such a system can be used.
The needs for the CANDELA platform in terms of data access are stated to put them in front of the services offered by the different investigated datacube solutions. In particular, the need from each identified use case is listed.
Different solutions are presented to take advantage of datacube features into the CANDELA Platform. This lead to two opposite paradigms: fully integrating a datacube system into the CANDELA platform or relying on an external service.

Due Date: 
6 months
Wednesday, October 31, 2018