This is an updated version of the D3.4 that contains the Data Fusion module for the CANDELA project.

This report is an accompanying document to the CANDELA platform. The objective of this update is to list the contents of the second and final version of the CANDELA platform and to provide a user guide describing how to use all the features provided by the platform.

In section 1, the release note presents the components that are available for this version, and how to access them.
In section 2, we present a functional architecture of the CANDELA platform and how the different components implement this architecture. We describe in this part the links between CANDELA and past or present projects like SparkInData, EO4wildlife, or EUXDAT. 

Finally, we will talk about the compatibility of CANDELA with other DIAS platforms. Section 3 includes a user guide to help the user to familiarize with the development environment.

Due Date: 
24 months
Monday, June 29, 2020