The report explains CANDELA impact assessment on business thanks to big data shifts. The CANDELA project objective is to bridge the gap between big data technology and the Earth Observation data user community. During the project, our consortium integrates already existing building blocks into a homogeneous, powerful, and operational platform which enables users to quickly use, manipulate, explore, and process Copernicus data.

Big data technologies associated to cloud infrastructure and a powerful platform have a positive impact on the user capacity to exploit the Copernicus Data. This allows to improve societal and environmental impact and to generate economic value. Big data also facilitates the analysis of large volumes of Earth Observation Data to create innovative applications like for example to monitor the ecosystem health and evaluate the impact of the climate on the protected ecosystems or to monitor urban expansion, etc. Copernicus imagery combined to big data technologies has a strong potential of development in all the domains for which the earth observation is suitable: urban monitoring, coastal and marine exploitation and preservation, energy exploitation and implementation, environment monitoring or security operations.

Due Date: 
30 months
Saturday, October 31, 2020