This document aims at reporting the results obtained during the first phase of validation using the CANDELA platform and its analytics tools. Although the two project use cases were expected to be reported in different documents (D1.3 and D1.4), after the review meeting it was decided to produce only one report. As a result, this deliverable (D1.3) includes the validation reports of Use Case #1 and Use Case #2 (initially planned in D1.4).

The validation process considers two main components. The first one is associated with the platform, which includes platform access, jupyter lab functionality and data access and management. The second component aims at validating the four analytic tools, namely, the optical change detection, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) change detection and the two semantic tools. The Qase[1] platform is used to create two parent test suites (one for each component), where each parent test suite contains multiple children test suites. Each child test suites in turn contains test cases to validate different functionalities of a sub-component.

[1] Qase: Test case management system

Due Date: 
12 months
Tuesday, April 30, 2019