Throughout this document, the two sub-use cases are shortly described along with the workflows required to implement them and the generic user requirements for each sub-use case. In a second step, the requirements that have been raised after the first phase of validation are summarized. For the ease of exposure, these requirements are divided into three main components. The first component is associated with the data requirements in which the data sources required for the two sub-use cases are described. The second component exposes the user requirements for the analytic tools proposed in the project. Finally, a third component is dedicated to the platform requirements which includes desired functionalities to be added to the platform. We recall here that there was some deviation in the use cases described here and in D1.1 when compared to the ones in the proposal since the analytic tools are focusing on Copernicus data and hence some of the objectives of the use cases in the proposal cannot be achieved using this kind of data.

Due Date: 
15 months
Wednesday, July 31, 2019